Nison Candle Scanner for Trading View

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Getting Started with Nison Candle Scanner on TradingView

  • How to provide your TradingView username to ensure we can grant access
  • Highlighting:  chose which of the 28 candles you want highlighted on your chart including standard or strict
  • Highlighting:  choosing between Full Name or Abbreviation
  • Scanning/Alerting:  how to set up a scan, and be notified

First Steps and Overview with Nison Candle Scanner on TradingView

  • Setup -Nison Candle Scanner
  • Preview of TradingView platform
  • Example of NCS Setup and Configuration

Nison Candle Scanner for TradingView Bonus Items:

Important Caveats

You will see plus and minus signs generated by Nison Candle Scanner. These are NOT trade recommendations. They relay if the pattern is potentially bearish (a minus sign) or potentially bullish (a plus sign).

Effective candle charting techniques requires not only an understanding of the candle patterns, but a policy of using sound, coherent trading strategies and tactics. For example, not every candle signal should be used to place a trade. Or that a bullish candle signal doesn’t necessarily mean the market will rally the next session.

The critical aspect of “I have a Nison candle signal, now what do I do?” is detailed in our various Training Programs. To find out your special price for a custom designed educational package contact .