General Candlesticks Training

General Candlesticks Training

  • Free Candlesticks Training

    If you registered for our free candlesticks training, this is the place to go. It includes excellent entry-level training and information to get you started on the right foot. Click to access now.

  • Candlestick Quick Start

    This brief one-hour introduction to candlesticks is the ideal way to develop a basic understanding of how to read a candlestick chart and understand basic patterns. Click to access now.

  • Volume 1: Foundation of Candles

    The equivalent of a full-day seminar with Steve Nison as he teaches you the first level of candlestick understanding you need for successful trading. Click to access now.

  • Volume 2: Foundation of West + Trade Management

    This volume of training adds Western technical analysis tools and smart trade management techniques to your arsenal. Click to access now.

  • Volume 3: Advanced Candles

    Steve Nison gives you more advanced candlestick strategies and patterns. This is advanced candlestick training that gives you a vital advantage when you trade. Click to access now.

  • Volume 4: Advanced West + Trade Management

    Complete your candlestick training with this powerful volume of more advanced strategies to enhance profits and protect your gains. Click to access now.