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Strategy #1: COP Breakout

Developed by: Steve Nison, Founder of

Description: Learn how to trade high probability breakouts and easily set protective stops.
Used and refined by Steve for over 30 years.

Why Steve likes it: It’s very easy to use (once you know the secrets) and has sound psychological reasons why it works.

Strategy #2: PB&J

Developed by: Syl Desaulniers, Nison Certified Trainer

Description: Straightforward trend directional strategy using 2 moving averages – classic in swing trading arena. Simple guidelines provide a powerful strategy for short term and even longer term traders. You can go Short or go Long with increased confidence combining it with your favorite indicator if desired.

Why Syl likes it: Works great as stand alone, with increased confirmation using strong Support and Resistance rules.

Strategy #3: Trading The 9

Developed by: Brian Houston, Nison Certified Trainer

Description: This is an easy strategy that trades the market based upon movements over and under the 9 moving average. This strategy best fits trending markets but does work on global markets and in many timeframes.

Why Brian likes it: It is a simple trading strategy that does not require much effort, can provide outstanding results and will suit most traders (such as weekend trader to more active trading down to the intraday trading) This trading strategy to me just seems logical and has served me well for many years without excessive analysis.

Round Table Discussion Group Recording

Originally held on April 4, 2019