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Here are some of our popular programs:

The Candlestick Express Class
The fastest way to profit with candlesticks

The Advanced Candlestick Express Class >>
Adds more advanced topics to the Express Class

Nison Candle Scanner for NinjaTrader >>
Software to find the best potential winners

Swing Trading >>
Proven swing trading strategies for consistent income >>
Online training community for like-minded traders

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Quick Start Program >>
A super-quick way for you to learn candlestick basics and BONUS SESSION(how to place your first real trades!)

The Candlestick Express Class >>
Condensed training for the fastest way to learn candles

The Advanced Candlestick Express Class >>
Adds more advanced topics to the Express Class

The Express Class BUNDLE>>
Express and the Advanced Express class in a bundle



Volume 1: Foundation of Candles >>
The best foundational training ever developed for candles

Volume 2: Foundation of West + Trade Management >>
Vital knowledge to help you gain greater confidence

Volumes 3-4: Advanced Candles >>
Advanced training provides Western tools and Trade Management strategies

Full 4 volume Mega Package with Nison University >>
Complete Mega Package which includes lifetime access to all 4 volumes and Nison University for ongoing education.

Candlestick Mastery Collection>>
Combines lifetime access to each of  Mega Package, Nison Candle Scanner software, and Mycandlecharts subscription



Frontline Forex: Volume 1 >>
Learn the unique secrets of using candlesticks in FX markets

Frontline Forex: Volume 2 >>
Adds Western indicators and trade management skills

Frontline Forex: Volume 3 >>
Highest level of Forex with candlestick training available

Full 3 volume Frontline Forex with FX University >>
The complete Frontline Forex program which includes lifetime access to all 3 volumes and Forex University for ongoing education.

Forex Mastery Collection>>
Combines lifetime access to the 3 volume Frontline Forex program, Nison Candle Scanner software, and Mycandlecharts subscription


4 Individual Options Strategies >>4 options strategies:  Intraday, Calendar Spreads, Credit Spreads, Debit Spreads

Candles & Divergences >>
When the price action on your charts differs from the action of technical indicators, it's a perfect opportunity to profit

Candlesticks + Moving Averages >>
Moving Averages with candles to identify crucial trading opportunities

Candlestick and Pivot Trading Strategies >>
Learn how to combine key levels with candlesticks

East and West >>
Steve techniques and secret combination of Eastern & Western tools to trade

ETF Profit Strategies >>
Learn how to incorporate ETF's into your trading plan

Exit Strategies >>
Maximize your profits by pinpointing the right way to exit

Fibonacci Analysis Secrets >>
Proven Fibonacci analysis for greater results in any market

Legging in and Out >>
How to modify your positions to maximize your gains

Nison Trading Principles >>
Steve’s top trading rules that guide his analysis and trading

Price Target Profits >>
Steve's  strategies to determine how far the market will move

Profit and Protection in a Down Market >>
Discover the 3 proven steps that protect your account

Secrets of Intraday Candlesticks >>
How to use intraday candles to manage any time frame trade

Strategic Components of a Trade >>
Profit in various ways from the same stock movement

Support & Resistance >>
Discover the right ways to use this critical tool in your trading

Trade Management >>
Discover how to maximize every investment you make

Trading Crypto  >>

Utilize Candles in the exciting world of trading the crypto currency markets

Trading Volatile Markets >>
Learn to read volatile markets and position yourself properly

Using Multiple Time Frames >>
Find hidden clues in the markets using more than 1 chart


Nison Candle Scanner for NinjaTrader >>
Find the best potential winners with our flagship software

NCS Master Class for NinjaTrader >>
Advanced NCS tips and strategies specifically for NT8

Nison Candle Scanner for TradeStation >>
Get our best-selling software designed for TradeStation

Nison Candle Scanner for Trade Navigator >>
Our best-selling software designed for Trade Navigator

Nison Candle Scanner for Agena Trader >>
Our best-selling software designed for Agena Trader

Nison Candle Highlighter for eSignal >>
Accurately pinpoints the correct candle patterns for you

Nison Candle Highlighter for MT4 >>
Pattern highlighting power designed for MT4


Candlestick Secrets for Options: Volume 1 >>
Get proficient using candlesticks for options

Candlestick Secrets for Options: Volume 2 >>
Continue your candles/options training on popular options

Candlestick Secrets for Options: Volume 3 >>
Jump directly into advanced option strategies

Full 3 volume series with Options University >>
The complete Candles and Options program which includes lifetime access to all 3 volumes and Options University for ongoing education.

Options Mastery Collection>>
Combines lifetime access to the 3 volume Options program, Nison Candle Scanner software, and Mycandlecharts subscription


Top Trading Setups >>
Useful trading techniques to help discover how to profit in very strongest trades

Active Investor Blueprint >>
Discover how to protect your wealth for generations

Active Portfolio Management >>
Strategies and methods to protect and grow your portfolio

Candlesticks Applied >>
Learn the Pyramid Trading Strategy and powerful Action Plans to beat your emotional trading hurdles

Catching The Next Big Move >>
See how you can profit from the next big move

Conquering The 3 Biggest Trading Challenges >>
Strategies to overcome the 3 biggest trading challenges

Intraday Chart Mastery >>
Improve the quality and success of your trades by adding intraday charts to your process

Intraday Chart Mastery 2 >>
Deeper understanding/strategies of how to capitalize using intraday charts

Intraday Chart Mastery BUNDLE >>
Combine Intraday Chart Mastery parts 1 and 2 together in this BUNDLE

Keep It Simple and Straightforward >>
Essential skills you need to create a practical success plan

Swing Trading 1 >>
Proven swing trading strategies to add more profits

Swing Trading 2 >>
Get the next steps and advanced strategies for greater profits

Swing Trading BUNDLE>>
Combine Swing Trading parts 1 and 2 in this BUNDLE

Trading Plan Mastery >>
Add a basic Trading Plan to your routine and watch your profits blossom

Taking The Trade >>
Follow our team's exact process to identify and take action on the best trades


Kaizen On Demand Apprenticeship >>
Japanese for "continuous improvement" , use this comprehensive program to achieve big results through small, steady improvements >>
Join our team plus other like-minded traders from around the globe for ongoing training, daily insights, and more

Small Group Coaching >>
Join our 10 session program starting January 8, 2022

1 on 1 Coaching>>                                                                       Work 1 on 1 with one of our Nison Certified Trainers to solve your specific trading obstacles